Wonder Cote 90 Slow Release Npk Plant Fertilizer (50 g)

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Key Features

  • Slow Release Fertilizer Which Used in Flowers,Fruits and vegetable plants
  • Npk Plant Fertilizer Helps to Increase Flowering & Fruiting
  • Available in 50g Pouch
  • Works with virtually all plant varieties, in all growing conditions
  • Apply with confidence to potted plants, indoors or outdoors
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  • All India Delivery 1,00,000 Happy Customers 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

WONDER COTE 90 PLANT FERTILIZER BY DIVINE TREEFor Outdoor Use:- evenly across area required and mix into the top 1 to 3 inches of soilFor plants growing in container:-Mix Wonder Cote 90 into soil of the container or pot. Water the area well.Our Wonder Cote 90 offers a 3-month NPK+ formula has become the industry standard for slow-release plant food. This unique Outdoor & Indoor plant food works throughout the plant's active growing season without risk of chemical burning. Each granule is coated with a unique resin that controls nutritional release so that plants get what they need, when they need. All-in-one granules contain all three major nutrients (NPK) and micro nutrients. That is vital to plant nutrition.Apply to outdoor plants every 3 months during the growing season. Can be applied to indoor and outdoor potted plants, also every 3 months, year round.For Soil Application : 25 to 50 gm/ Sq meter AreaFor Potted plant : 5 to 25 gm, depending on size of potStorage and Precautions Store in a dry location. Keep out of reach of children. Close tightly after use and do not freeze.

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