About Company

“Plants make people happy!”

Divine Tree was incorporated in 2005 with an aspiration to be a one-stop solution for the gardening requirements for our plant parents.

With the advancement of technology and growing urban community access to nature, parks, greenery, getting organic fresh vegetables, etc. has become limited. So, why not bring gardens to our home? But, you might be wondering how we can be the perfect plant parent without a gardening education? Divine Tree is just a click away to cater to all your gardening needs and the necessary information you need to know before you dwell on building your own garden that is full of organic home-grown veggies.

With over 1000+ products from potting mixes, gardening soils, fertilizers, seeds, and saplings, to planters, gardening tools like shovels, and watering cans that help you nurture your vegetable plants.

Be it a vertical garden, terrace garden, or vegetable farm at your place, Divine Tree is all you need to get your green plants delivered to your doorstep.

Now, you don’t need to step out to enjoy nature and greenery. Divine Tree is here to make any place beautiful with greenery.

Join our plant family of 1, 00,000+, our experienced and bursting team is here to help you out with every need.