DIVINE TREE Metal 3 Arms 360 Degree Automatic Rotating Lawn Sprinkler with Wheeled Base for Outdoor Lawn and Garden,Yard

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Key Features

  • THE BEST SPRINKLER FOR YOUR LAWN - Maintain a vibrant healthy yard and garden, you need a sprinkler. DIVINE TREE 3-arm whirling sprinkler is a time saver as well as a way to reduce your effort required to maintain the lawn. It is great for automatically watering the lawn and plants in the garden during summer, furthermore it has a "fun factor" for children that nothing beats a cold splash of water on a hot summer day!
  • HEAVY-DUTY METAL CONSTRUCTION FOR DURABILITY - Composed of a high-quality aluminum alloy base, three aluminum alloy arms, two plastic wheels and leak-proof brass fittings, this whirling sprinkler is sturdy and durable. It can face up to high water pressure and extreme climate circumstances with no need to worry about breaking or rusting. Its wheeled metal base makes it easy to tow from one watering area to the next.
  • EFFICIENT 360 DEGREE IRRIGATION SYSTEM BRINGS A EVEN AND GENTLE SPRAY - This 3-arm whirling sprinkler spins like a pinwheel. The sprinkler heads are built into the end of each arm, and water pressure turns the gear to rotate the arms, spraying the water in a circular pattern. The twirling action provides even water dispersal up to 2100 square feet and the gentle but steady watering pattern makes it ideal for watering flowerbeds and shrubs as well.
  • SERIES CONNECTION ALLOW YOU TO EASILY EXPAND IRRIGATION RANGE – This whirling sprinkler has two connectors, one is for water inlet and another is water outlet. That means more than one sprinkler can be used with one water source. It is simple and convenient to connect 2 or more sprinklers through the water pipe by using this series connection system. Just turn on the spigot without having to move the sprinkler, your large lawn can be properly irrigated.
  • SWIVEL COUPLING MAKES IT EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND DISASSEMBLE - This whirling sprinkler is incredibly easy to set up. All you have to do is to combine the arms with the base, link the faucet to the sprinkler with a simple garden hose and you are ready to go. The brass connector with knob swivels when connected to a hose, helping the sprinkler lay flat without having to "fight" with the hose. The installation will be done so quickly that you will wonder if you even did anything.
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The twirling action of the 3-arm sprinkler head provides even water coverage in a full 360-degree circle pattern, and the heavy-duty metal construction ensures durability and consistency for the lifetime of the sprinkler.

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