Tomato Seeds For Home Garden

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Key Features

  • This easy to grow crop can be grown in any containers, but requires direct sunlight throughout the day. Potting mix and other manures may help better producction.
  • Tomatoes are easy to grow unless well drained, fertile soil is given. This juicy variant of tomato is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C.
  • Each packet contain 40 seeds approx
  • Best For Kitchen garden or terrace gardening
  • Easy to Grow in Any Climate
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TOMATO SEEDS BY DIVINE TREE:-Vigorous growth and excellent yield potential,Strong determinate plant habit,Very sweet and juicy fruit with a weight of approx. 80 g/fruit, A must have plant in your kitchen garden.Colour: Deep Red,Shape: Round fruits, Smooth, round globe fruit.Seeds Quantity:40-45 Seeds ApproxShowing Distance:30 Cm Plant to plantSowing Method: SeedlingBest for Bed SowingSow when night Temperature is 20-25°C, Can also be sown directly in MarchSeedling Preparation:-Make a bed of fine soil of 60 cm width and appropriate length having 10 cm height for nursery sowing.Make a top portion of mix soil with 1:1:1 ratio of manure, sand and coco peat for good root growth.Sow the seeds on the bed and cover these with manure mixture lightly.Cover the bed with cloth sheetIrrigate cloth covered bed with hand sprinkle two times a day.Remove the cloth sheet after germination.Transplant the seedling to a well prepared garden plot with manure and fertilizer when they are 5 to 7 cm in height.Make sure to add 60 gm of phosphetic fertilizer in 10 m2 area and irrigate it immediately.

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