Rooting Gel and Hormone Stimulator for Stronger Roots | Fast Root Starter | Rapid Rooting Gel Best for Hardwood, Semi-hardwood and Softwood Plant Cutting (100 ml)

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Key Features

  • Grow new plants from cuttings
  • Promotes strong healthy roots
  • Easy to use Premium Rooting Gel Hormone Solution
  • For use on soft semi-hard and handwood plants
  • Helps form new roots on cuttings, Use all year round
  • 3x More powerful then any Rooting Hormone Powder
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DivineTree Rooting Gel Accelerate Root Growth with Powerful Root Stimulator and Fast-Acting Root Hormone Unlock the secret to rapid root development and robust plant growth with DivineTree Rooting Gel. Specially formulated with a potent blend of advanced root stimulators and fast-acting root hormones, this gel is designed to give your plants the ultimate advantage in root establishment and growth.

¤ Where to use Premium Rooting Gel Hormone Solution :-

• Grow new plants from cuttings. For rooting of tropical and hardy ornamental plants, leaf cutting, greenwood and softwood cuttings. It is also very useful for grafting and will dramatically increase the success of grafted plants.

¤ How to use Premium Rooting Gel Hormone Solution :- 

• Use only cuttings from vigorous and healthy plants, and make sure the growing tip is between 2 inches and 8 inches long.

• Dip the cutting into Rooting Gel. Immerse the cutting into the Rooting Gel slightly higher than the planting depth.

• Tamp down the soil around the cutting to remove air pockets. Keep the cutting warm and moist. Many plants will root better if they are kept out of direct sunlight.

• Take care of cuttings as appropriate for the plant variety. Control watering, temperature, humidity, light and other environmental factors.

¤ Storage and Precautions :-

• Store in a dry location. Keep out of reach of children. Close tightly after use and do not freeze.

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