Rapid Grow Pastille NPK Slow Release Plant Food Tablets (100 g)

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Key Features

  • No burn pledge when used as directed,Plant food for potted plants,outdoor and indoor plants
  • Each Tab contains all nutrients necessary for growing and blooming the plants
  • Timed-release fertilizer:- Once these Rapid Grow Tablets are applied into the soil they gradually release their nutrients simply by themselves according to the needs of the plants, while the plants are watered in a usual manner.
  • No more complicated mixing of fertilizers - just put in the right number of Tablets into planting hole or around the roots or do the top dressing - that is simply all. Time and cost saving highly effective method to feed plants. Can be executed by low skilled people too. Results of fertilizing by Rapid Grow Tablets brings a greater number or leaves, higher increments of branches and a higher yield in fruit and blooming effect compared to standard fertilizers.
  • Premium Pack¬† (100 Tablets Approx)
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Divine Tree Rapid Grow All Plant Food

  • Brand: Divine Tree
  • Nutritional tablet for pots
  • Content: Plant Nutrition in tablet form
  • Dose: 3 Tablet per potted plant.
  • 3 to 5 Tablet per plant in soil.
  • Packing: 100gms per bottle (100 pc Approx)
  • One Application contains sufficient food for at least 15 Days.

Rapid Grow are formulated to provide a safe,convenient way of enriching the soil & feeding your plants.Each pastille helps grow bigger & more beautiful plants in the pots & blooms. Rapid Grow are recommended for all kinds of plants in pots & in ground.

No Guesswork:- Rapid Grow takes the guesswork our of fertilizing eliminating complicated measuring & messy mixing. each pastille slowly releases the balanced diet your plants need,right where they need it most near their roots.

How to use

Simple push each pastille into the soil, halfway between the plants & the rim of the pot, until the pastille is below the surface.continue to water the plants as usual.

Storage and Precautions

  • Store in a dry location. Keep out of reach of children. Close tightly after use and do not freeze.

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