New Organic Neem Fertilizer All Purpose Organic Fertilizer (900 Gram)

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Key Features

  • Neem Fractions control the activity of soil pathogens.
  • Improves porosity & Water Holding capacity.
  • Enhances the growth of soil micro flora.
  • High quality Organic Ingredients
  • Available in 900 Gram Pack.
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Divine Tree New OrganicGreen ForeverContain: 900 Gram PouchBrand: Divine TreeExp. Date 2 Years from Mfg Date New Organic Soil Mix is a unique mixture of a well -balanced organic fertilizers and insecticide, It is rich in all essential plant nutrients which provide a perfect and healthy medium, needed for optimum plant growth.It acts as an excellent soil medium and can completely replace mud or can be mixed with existing is suitable for all kind of plants. No residual toxicity in final produceTextured for vigorous root growthExpertly blended for balanced growth Boosts the crop Yield Improves the soil health

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