Horticultural Perlite Potting Mix Filler for Organic Gardening (450 Gram)

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Key Features

  • For Indoor And Outdoor Pots Plant Containers.
  • Improves Drainage & Aeration In Potting Mixes.
  • Mix Evenly With Potting Mix To Help Prevent Soil Compaction And Promote Strong Root Devlopment.
  • Perlite's Lightweight Characteristics Make It An Excellent Medium For Starting Seeds And Rooting Cuttings.
  • Lightweight Perlite Does Not Crush Fine Stems Or Root Systems, Making It Ideal For Growing Delicate Plants.
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Divine Tree Horticulture Fine Grade Perlite For Gardening HydroponicsPerlite - Those Little White Bits You Find In All The Best Composts - Allows You To Achieve Those Fluffy Potting Compost Mixes, Full Of Air Spaces And Retained Moisture, You'Ve Always Dreamed Of And Will Give Your Greenhouse Seed Sowing And Growing Activities A Real Leg-Up. Here'S The Science Bit; Perlite Is Natural Volcanic Rock Which Is Heated To A High Temperature To Produce A Lightweight Micro-Porous Structure And This Material Proves Ideal For Holding Air And Moisture, Reducing Compaction And Generally Giving Your Plants The Time Of Their Lives!Perlite Is A Must For Any Greenhouse Grower And The Re-Sealable Bag Helps To Prevent The Contents Becoming Prematurely Damp - Simply Mix Perlite With Any Potting Mix And Reap The Benefits! Add Perlite To Compost And Potting Mixes Creates Air Spaces Absorbs Air And Moisture And Helps Retain Heat Made From Natural Volcanic Rock Heated To A High Temperature Lightweight Micro-Porous Structure Helps Prevent Soil Compaction Brings Particular Benefits To Seed Sowing Ideal For Incorporating In Composts And Mixes For All Plants Long Lasting, Stable And Completely Organic Supplied In Re-Sealable Bag To Keep Moisture Out.Recommended For Any Greenhouse Grower Or Gardener Pair Up With Vermiculite For Improved All Round Greenhouse Seedling And Plant Production.

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