Green Long Chilli Seeds For Home Garden

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  • 30-40 Seeds Approx
  • Best for Home Kitchen Garden,Balcony and Terrace Garden
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CHILLI/MIRCH SEEDS BY DIVINE TREE:-Chilli (Mirch) is a Winter season crop, can be planted directly from seed in March.In vegetable garden along with chilli grow Carrot, Onion And Tomato as a companion plants it enhance the growing habitat.Before sowing chilli seeds Soak seeds overnight in warm water this will increase germination rate. Soil and climatic requirement:-Well drained sandy loam soil is best for cultivation. it grow well in warm and humid climate and for germination 20-25 degree C is essential. low moisture in soil during blossom development and fruit formation cause bud drop, de-blossom and fruit drop.Seeds Quantity:-35-40 Seeds ApproxWatering Requirements:-Water requirement in early stage 3-4 days interval watering is needed, later stages weekly intervals irrigate the plant. Flowering and fruit setting stages are having critical irrigation point during flowering and fruiting stage watering is Must. Plant Height or Length:- 40 cmsPlanting type:- Seedling/Directly from seed.Spacing:- 30 cm Plant to PlantSeedling Preparation:-Make a bed of fine soil of 60 cm width and appropriate length having 10 cm height for nursery sowing.Make a top portion of mix soil with 1:1:1 ratio of manure, sand and coco peat for good root growth.Sow the seeds on the bed and cover these with manure mixture lightly.Cover the bed with cloth sheetIrrigate cloth covered bed with hand sprinkle two times a day.Remove the cloth sheet after germination.Transplant the seedling to a well prepared garden plot with manure and fertilizer when they are 5 to 7 cm in height.Make sure to add 60 gm of phosphetic fertilizer in 10 m2 area and irrigate it immediately.

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