Super Grow Cow Manure for Home Plants Organic Cow Dung Manure Compost(5 Kg)

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Key Features

  • Cow Manure Compost Fertilizer Best For Lawn Garden Vegetable Garden
  • Cow Manure Becomes A Nutrient-Rich Fertilizer. It Can Be Mixed Into The Soil Or Used As Top Dressing.
  • Multi Functioned Natural Organic Fertilizer And Soil Conditioner For Plants
  • Compost Manure for Plants, Excellent Organic Fertilizers For Home Plants.
  • Content: Super Grow Bag 5 Kg
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Super Grow Premium Cow Dung Manure For Plants (5 Kg)

SuperGrow is made from cattle (cow & buffalo) manure by aerobic decomposition method.General purpose organic garden fertilizer. Ideal for home gardens, lawn, trees, fruit trees,shrubs, kitchen gardens, ornamental plants and container gardening.

Benefits of Super Grow

  • Multi functioned natural organic fertiliser and soil conditioner.
  • Ready for immediate benefit to soil and plant.
  • 100% weed seed and farm waste free.
  • Reduce chance of termite infestation due to absence of any dry matter.
  • Assists soil to retain water and maintain soil structure for improved soil aeration.
  • Free from harmful Pathogens and Parasites.
  • Odour less & plastic waste free.
  • Easy to transport and apply.
  • Contains all major and micro nutrients needed for plant growth & development.
  • Reduces loss of nutrient from the soil.


  • 10 kg. / 1 sq. meter (10 sq. ft area) for soil preparation.
  • 5 kg. / 1 sq. meter (10 sq. ft area) for existing garden area (Twice in year).
  • 300 gm. to 1 kg. Per pot (Twice in year).

Method of application:-

  • Add 50 mm to 100 mm Super Grow on soil surface.
  • Spade to a depth of 15 cm to 30 cm, mixing well in soil.
  • Level the garden with a rake.

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