Rice Paddy Husk Rice Hulls for Plants (450 Gram)

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Key Features

  • Biodegradable & Improves Water Holding Capacity
  • Extremely lightweight and highly compressed when packaged, it generates less waste and reduces storage requirements, handling and freight.
  • Paddy husks are also less dusty than mined soil amendments, and the natural color blends in better with the soil than the grays and whites of pumice and perlite.
  • Paddy husks are used in Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix.
  • Packing:- 450 Gram
Rs. 349.00
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Divine Tree Rice Husk/Paddy Husk/Rice HullsRice hulls are one of the most sustainable soil amendments available for improving drainage, water holding capacity and aeration. Unlike perlite and other rock products, it does not require mining; unlike peat moss it does not require land disruption to produce it. Like coco coir,Using Rice Hulls in Your GardenFor the garden-spread about a two" layer across the surface when you fertilize in the spring, and mix it into the top 6-12" of soil.For potted plants-mix 10-50% rice hulls into your potting soil.You can also use rice hulls as a mulch, just like you'd use straw.Rice hulls are extremely lightweight, so they're especially ideal for rooftop gardening or other gardens that require an amendment to make your soil lighter.

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