Nicotox-D Tobacco Dust Powder (4.5 Kg)

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Key Features

  • Nicotox-D For Biological control of soil insect and soft body sucking insect
  • Tobacco is a great insect repellent for the kitchen garden.
  • 100% Natural Product
  • Agricultural & Gardening Use only( Agriculture Grade)
  • Premium Pack of 5 (900 Gram Each)
Rs. 999.00
  • All India Delivery 1,00,000 Happy Customers 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Nicotox-D Tobacco Dust Powder Natural Insecticides for Potted Plants,Flowerbed And Lawn Grass (4.5 Kg)Nicotox-D Is a natural fertilizer that improves the condition of the soil and providing nutrition of plants by nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium.Fertilizer need no pre-treatment and preparation may be used in combination with organic manure.An Inexpensive and effective biological material to feed the plants and protect them from pests. widely used organic means for care of plants,enhance productivity and is a natural insecticide HOW TO USE :-Use 50 gm of NOCOTOX-D for Potted plants and mixed in soil of flowerbed and lawn grass@ 100 gm per Sq.Meter area

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