Expand n Grow Coco Peat Brick 5 Kg

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Key Features

  • Perfect for Pots,Baskets & Containers
  • Expands up to 5 Times when Watered
  • Lightweight, Easy to Carry
  • Weight:4.5 to 5 Kg Approx
  • Organic Potting Filler For Plants
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EXPAND N GROW Coco Peat Bricks By Divine Tree

Small Bag.Big Results

Advantage to use of Expand N Grow:-

  • Used as a Growing Medium can be used anywhere beds,borders,Pots,Baskets and containers.
  • Coco Peat can be mixed with soil or used with perlite for increase volume.
  • Promotes strong root growth and plant vigor as well as increase shelf life of plants.
  • Reduce Watering frequency without plant stress,thereby reducing labor costs
  • Coco Peat is not a fertilizer,It's Growing medium so always mix it with organic fertilizer for pots

How to Use:-

  • Put the brick in container.
  • Add approximately 15-20 ltr water for expansion.
  • Mix it with potting soil in pot.
  • Grow plant and seeds in pot.

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