Coco Coir Pole Moss Stick for Climbing Money Plants (3 Ft)

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Key Features

  • Moss-Stick To Increase Appeal And Support The Plant.
  • It Is Widely Used For Climbing Plants Like As Money Plants, Philodendrons, Syngoniums, And Monsteras, Etc. It Also Provides Constant Moisture To Plants.
  • Moss Sticks Are Most Convenient Supports Provided To Fancy Indoor Plants That Need To Be Supported.
  • Dimensions (L X B X H): 6 Cm X 6 Cm X 90 Cm (3Ft)
  • Package Contents: 1 Moss Stick
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Divine Tree Moss Stick Coco Poles made from coir fibre wrapped on PVC tubes used to support indoor and outdoor plants. Coco Fibre helps retain moisture for the growth of the plant and provides water and organic nutrients to the creeper plants. These moss stick poles help the plant to develop many tiny roots throughout surface as these poles are permeable.

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