Super Grow Cow Manure for Home Plants Organic Cow Dung Manure Compost (25 Kg)

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  • Cow Manure Compost Fertilizer Best For Lawn Garden Vegetable Garden
  • Cow Manure Becomes A Nutrient-Rich Fertilizer. It Can Be Mixed Into The Soil Or Used As Top Dressing.
  • Multi Functioned Natural Organic Fertilizer And Soil Conditioner For Plants
  • Compost Manure for Plants, Excellent Organic Fertilizers For Home Plants.
  • Content: Super Grow Bag 25 Kg
  • All India Delivery 1,00,000 Happy Customers 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Super Grow Premium Cow Dung Manure For Plants (25 Kg)SuperGrow is made from cattle (cow & buffalo) manure by aerobic decomposition method.General purpose organic garden fertilizer. Ideal for home gardens, lawn, trees, fruit trees,shrubs, kitchen gardens, ornamental plants and container gardening.Benefits of Super GrowMulti functioned natural organic fertiliser and soil conditioner.Ready for immediate benefit to soil and plant.100% weed seed and farm waste free.Reduce chance of termite infestation due to absence of any dry matter.Assists soil to retain water and maintain soil structure for improved soil aeration.Free from harmful Pathogens and Parasites.Odour less & plastic waste free.Easy to transport and apply.Contains all major and micro nutrients needed for plant growth & development.Reduces loss of nutrient from the soil.Dose:-10 kg. / 1 sq. meter (10 sq. ft area) for soil preparation.5 kg. / 1 sq. meter (10 sq. ft area) for existing garden area (Twice in year).300 gm. to 1 kg. Per pot (Twice in year).Method of application:-Add 50 mm to 100 mm Super Grow on soil surface.Spade to a depth of 15 cm to 30 cm, mixing well in soil.Level the garden with a rake.

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