Sprout It Organic Seeds Germination Potting Soil (4.5 Kg)

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  • Divine Tree Organic Sprout it is a rich, premium blend of the finest natural ingredients and is specially formulated to grow seedlings and cuttings.
  • Ideal for root growth in newly germinated seedlings,Enriched with Resilience for stronger stems and improved root mass
  • For Spectacular Results When Transplanting, Remember to use Divine Tree Quick Starter Transplanting Solition
  • Suitable for All kind of vegetables seeds, flower seeds,Herb Seeds and ornamental seeds
  • 100% Organic, Pack of 5 (900Gm x 5 Bag = 4.5 Kg)
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Sprout It Seeds Starter Soil Mix By Divine Tree|Organic Potting Soil Mix For Potted Plants Seed Germination Soil for Grow By cutting & seed StartingOverview & BenefitsLightweight premium mix excellent for germinating vegetable,flower and herb seeds- and for starting leaf,stem and root cuttingsSpecially formulated for fast root developmentHOW TO USEFor Seed Starting:-Select a shallow container with a drain hole.Fill Container.Plant seeds according to package directions.Water; Let Drain.Keep Moist and out of direct sunlight.For Establishing cuttings:-Fill container with container with SPROUT IT.Water Thoroughly.Make holes with a pencil.Insert cuttings, pressing mix around stems.Keep moist and out of direct sunlight.

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