Divine Tree Pot O Mix Organic Ready to Use Potting Mix Soil for Plants 25 Kg

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  • POT O MIX READY TO USE POTTING SOIL BY DIVINE TREEPot O Mix Ready To Potting Soil Is Best For Vegetable Growing,Seeds Starting,Outdoor Plants,Indoor Plants,Palm,Bonsai,Flowering plants.
  • Pot O Mix is a ready to use poting mix for growing plants in plastic pots and container.
  • It is a specially blended formula which provides container plants with the rich soil conditions they need and enriched with Smart-Release plant food it keeps plants fed for up to six months with nutrients for more blooms and more color!Benefits of Pot O MixProvide efficient drainage-aeration and enough water holding capacity.
  • Feeds plants up to 6 months.
  • No mixing, no measuring! Ideal for all kinds of container or potted plants.
  • How To UseChoose a container with a drain hole.
  • Lay geotextile in bottom of pot.Fill the pot 1/3 of the way full.
  • Loosen root of the plant.
  • Press plant into the mix.
  • Add more mix and press gently.
  • Apply Water.
  • All India Delivery 1,00,000 Happy Customers 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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